Yet again I have been away from the blog, and yet again it was for a very good reason! I would like to introduce Magdalene Ruth (Maggie), born on August 18th. Her birth was not the most enjoyable experience (is it ever?), but I am so thankful she is here! This is my third child, and like my other 2 children, I wanted to deliver her as naturally as possible. I had a new doctor with Maggie and she does an ultrasound with every appointment. Through these frequent scans, we could see that Maggie was a big girl (like her brother!), and our main concern wasn’t her head but her large belly; she measured at 99% for over a month. I know that ultrasounds are not an exact science and that the measurement depends on who’s taking it, but with the consistency we had for so long, we were a bit concerned about her getting stuck. The doctor thought it was wise to induce her a little early to avoid the dystocia and to keep her weight under control, and I wasn’t looking forward to delivering another 10 pound baby!

We broke my water 5 days before Maggie’s due date and she was born 6 and a half hours later. While we were able to keep her weight at 8 pounds 14 ounces, and I was able to deliver her without any medications, we did not avoid complications. Maggie got stuck on the way out and broke her little collar bone! The break was in a good spot, if there is such a thing, and the bone never got out of alignment. ┬áLuckily, newborns are so cartilaginous that she healed very quickly within just a few weeks. She didn’t really seem to be in much pain for the first few days, but it probably helped that I was on Percocet! Haha! We now have our beautiful baby girl who looks just like her brothers and is the sweetest thing in the world. Stay tuned for pictures of her beautiful baptism and much more love from her mama!